Artificial intelligence

Unleashing unprecedented industrial capacity

by Emarildo BANI

The AI market’s growth is being spurred by the increasing use of automation in industrial processes, and by the use of cloud-based applications and services. AI is a technology that is galvanising everyone’s attention. Its ability to have a large-scale impact in every industry explains why governments too are paying such close attention.

AI taking off at last

Global revenue tied to artificial intelligence is forecast to reach 31.2 billion USD by 2025. AI has become an integral part of every corporate digital strategy, and is already being used in a great many applications. It is widely employed in manufacturing environments such as car-making and assembly, for instance. AI is a longstanding discipline that has been enjoying a resurgence over the past four to five years, thanks to new technologies: voice and facial recognition, natural language processing, machine learning and deep learning. The latter in particular has attracted a great deal of interest, thanks to its complex applications based on multimedia (text, image, sound) formats. According to McKinsey & Company, around 70% of businesses are likely to have adopted AI by 2030.

An artificial intelligence market poised to grow by ten times in six years

Growth of the artificial intelligence for business market

Source : Statista

Internet giants take control of AI

Since Apple’s acquisition of Siri back in 2010, the Internet giants have been investing heavily in artificial intelligence, through both strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Current developments are seeing leading tech companies like Microsoft (Azure Cloud), IBM, Google (Google Cloud Machine Learning, DeepMind) and Amazon (AWS, Alexa) invest considerable sums to incorporate AI into their cloud and voice assistance services. These services are underpinned by “Analytics-as-a-Service” solutions and enable users to develop and run smart applications rapidly.

Government funding supporting local excellence hubs

National government-funded artificial intelligence priorities

Source : IDATE DigiWorld in "National AI Strategies"

New technological paradigms finally allowing AI to be disruptive

The customer services market is expected to undergo several major developments in 2020, thanks to the use of AI-based solutions. A host of private enterprises and public institutions have begun using AI chatbots to answer visitors’ questions on their websites. To support these players, tech giants are developing virtual agents (with a face and a “personality”) tasked with having engaging conversations with customers.

We also expect to see voice assistants be widely adopted by consumers. Global sales of smart speakers are forecast to reach 215 million units by 2025. CE heavyweights like Sony, Hisense and TiVo have unveiled voice-controlled smart TVs, while appliance manufacturers such as Delta, Whirlpool and LG have also added Alexa’s voice recognition skills to help users manage their home environment.

Voice assistants could rapidly take hold

Progression of regional smart speaker sales

Source : IDATE DigiWorld, based on Kagan

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